New Scheme, the 50cc Green Ghost MXS-R.

Weighing in at only 15.5 lb, the Breitling MXSR is built to be both Ox-strong and Super Lightweight. Take a look at all the great features and you'll agree that the Red Aero RC MXSR is in a class of it's own.

Scale: 31%
Wing Span:89-1/2"(2275mm)
Length: Including spinner 82"(2080mm)
Wing Area: 1465
Flying Weight: 15.5 to 17 lbs(7.3-8.2kg)
Spinner: 3.5"(89mm)
Engine: 50cc-60cc Gasoline
Servos: 6 servos required 180 oz

Complete with Canister Tunnel, Pre-installed Fuel Tank and Carbon Fiber Spinner.

Fuselage and Wing incorporate carbon fiber laminations
Aerofoiled Carbon Fiber Landing Gear
Carbon Fiber Wing and Stab Tubes
Carbon Fiber Tail Wheel Assembly
3.5"(89mm) Carbon Fiber Spinner
Extra Length, Heavy Duty Aluminum Servo Arms
High Density Rubber Wheels
Titanium Pushrods and Premium Hardware
Pre-hinged Control Surfaces
Installed Fuel Tank
Covered in Genuine Ultracote / Oracover
Instructional CD

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